September : Malformation of the fetal Semilunar Valves
November : Override Anomalies
December : Transposition (TGA) and correct transposition of the great arteries (cCTGA)


Saturday 12 September 2020
Saturday 14th November 2020
Saturday 12th December 2020



UK : 9:00 am
Italy : 10:00 am
Melbourne : 6:00 pm



Professor Julene Carvalho
A/Professor Simon Meagher

A/Professor Dario Paladini

All you need to know about Fetal Aortic and Pulmonary valve stenosis

an in-depth analysis of the embryology, anatomy, sonography and postnatal evaluation of fetal semilunar valve stenosis

Julene Carvallho, Simon Meagher and Dario Paladin will present an in-depth analysis of the anatomy, sonography, prenatal /postnatal diagnosis and management of fetal semilunar valve stenosis. A stepwise guide to the basic screening examination of the fetal semilunar valves through to advanced fetal echo techniques will be presented. Specific attention will be given to the ISUOG guidelines, the use of Colour and Power Doppler with reference to the newer and more advanced fetal echocardiographic techniques.


A FREE two-hour online masterclass by

-Optimizing colour Doppler in fetal cardiac screening and diagnosis

-Fetal Pulmonary Valve Stenosis Diagnosis: Diagnosis and management

-Fetal Aortic Stenosis: Diagnosis and management

-Panel Discussion



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